How to install a mod using TexMod

1. Firstly, find and download a mod that you would like to see incorporated into the game. For the sake of this tutorial, we’ll go ahead and use TheNakedGun’s corking DMC3 Dante re-texture mod.

2. Download the latest version of TexMod, which is currently TexMod v0.9b. This will be the tool with which we’ll be using to inject the mod files into the game.

3. In most cases, the mods that are downloaded from this site will arrive compressed in a zip archive. We thoroughly using recommend using 7-Zip, to extract the contents of the zip archive, but WinRAR is also a decent alternative. TexMod will also be downloaded in a compressed zip archive; we recommend extracting this tool onto the desktop, as it will need to be initiated for most DmC: Devil May Cry mods, and you’ll likely want to keep it in an easily accessible place.

3. With the contents of your mod extracted from the zip archive, and the TexMod tool now readily available, load up TexMod. You’ll be presented with the ‘Package Mode’ interface which looks like this:


4. Click the folder icon in the top left of the program, located just under the ‘Target Application’ label, and navigate your way to the game’s main executable file and select it. This file can typically be found by following this directory path:

C:\Program Files (x64)\Steam\steamapps\common\DmC Devil May Cry\Binaries\Win32\DMC-DevilMayCry.exe


5. Next, click the smaller folder icon which sits neatly towards the very center of the program’s interface, and hit the ‘Browse’ option:


6. Navigate to the location of your computer where you had previously downloaded and extracted the mod files too, and double-click on the file which should display a .’tpf’ extension:


7. Now, with the main DmC: Devil May Cry executable file and mod file loaded (pictured below), click on the ‘Run’ button to boot up the game with the mod files injected as well.


8. You should then be able to continue your game with the mod alterations automatically appended. In this case, my ‘Classic Dante’ skin should now look like this:


TexMod makes no permanent changes to your DmC: Devil May Cry installation.