It’s finally finished!

After 3-4 days of hard work, no sleeping and about 2 days of procrastination, i finally finished Vergil-Dante, or “Vante” for short.

Short description:
This project was aimed at creating Vergil in Dante using the modding tools available to us currently, aka texture modding, i used Vergil’s textures and placed them on Dante, some were easy to find, tough most of them tricky, like his amulet texture (got it from a cutscene) or his shirt texture (only available in good resolution on the final mission(yep, where he wears his coat at all times)) or making Dante’s skin match vergil’s face color (since vergil uses dante’s by default, and his face is more pale than dante) and as a challenge to myself, I modded rebellion’s slash effect and the guns and shotgun’s to fire in a blue/cyan color.

Long description incoming:
As a team Vergil person, i was very happy that he was included in this installment, even more happy that he will get his own story, i was not so happy when I figured out they wont release it till the end of february, so I wanted to play as him in some format till then, this idea came to me after i finished some work on pimp Dante one night, “ok i can now dump textures on textures.. how about i dump Vergil’s textures on Dante?” (after that i couldn’t sleep for 2 hours) But it became more than that thanks to my new ideas, apart from using vergil’s face, eyes, shirt, coat, amulet texture, making dante’s hair transparent to resemble vergil’s wasting 2 days of my life trying to set dante’s skin color to match that of the vergil face texture(still not perfect, but not so noticeable imo) I made him new effects for the sword slashes, and gun firing and stuff.
So yeah, this could be called a hard project, not the retexturing, but finding those textures, and placing them so it looks good in game, it may have been my hardest work, but it was my most ambitious so far, looking back i think it looks great tough it may have a few minor flaws, i hope you enjoy it, have a nice day.

P.S.: I found i think about 90% of rebellion’s effects, I will upload then in the following days seperate, you can always unpack the tpf if you are impatient.
P.S.S.: There is a bug, sometimes the main menu pic is replaced by one of Dante’s textures, i have no idea what can cause this, but, heads up anyway.