Scruffy Vergil

I always liked the thought of Vergil with a scruffy beard and well, thanks to a XNALara model from here
And big thanks to for sending me the beard file for Vergil (I’m awful at recoloring) Because of them, I was able to make this mod! I recolored his eyes, his clothes are—clean I guess that’s a good word for it, but his gloves are still a bit bloody, but not as bad.
To use: Just like most mods. Extract and open Texmod, find the file and run.
This package includes Weak Vergil with the beard for Vergil’s Downfall & Vergil with the beard for the main game (DmC). I hope ya like ^^ It’s my first mod.
~~UPDATED with some screenshots to show that this mod works well with this mod
I kept getting asked about not having the weak hair and yeah, just thought I would go ahead and let it be known it is possible to combine this mod with others.~~