Bloody Palace – Choose Your Difficulty

This mod is designed to help you make Bloody Palace as challenging as you want it to be. By default, difficulty in the Bloody Palace advances from Human, Demon Hunter, Nephilim, Son of Sparda, to DMD every 20 floors. It takes 41 floors to encounter your first Dreamrunner. For many people this is too easy, for too long. I’ve found a way to adjust this, and put together a few “difficulty settings” for you to choose from here.

What’s included:

Choose your DIFFICULTY::

+ Always DMD – All DMD all the time.
+ Always SoS – Same as the above, only Son of Sparda.
+ Progressive – Floors 1-19 are Nephilim difficulty, 20-59 Son of Sparda, 60+ DMD.
+ SG_BP – Difficulty starts at SoS and advances to DMD after 40 levels. All bosses are DMD difficulty. Intended for use with DevilGame.SG_BP.ini.

Note that the starting time allotment has been increased to accommodate for the increase in enemy health.

Choose your PALACE::

+ DevilGame.SG_BP.ini
Stronger enemies is not enough! I’ve included entirely rebalanced enemy waves for you to bang your head against. Heavily inspired by Steve’s Gentleman Palace. While this mod is intended to be difficult, it’s also meant to be as enjoyable as possible; for this reason I have omitted any colored enemies or baby rages. I’ve also made sure to include plenty of stygian-class enemies, and many many Dreamrunners throughout the Palace. A lot of work went into playtesting this, and the difficulty curve should reflect as much.

Each wave is so exhausting in this mode that I’ve edited the number of waves down from 101 to 51, and it still takes longer to complete than the default BP. Bosses occur every 10 floors.

+ DevilGame.default.NoColoredEnemies.ini
The default Bloody Palace, only every colored enemy has been replaced with its non-colored equivalent.

I’ve included a casual playthrough of the first 9 floors of SG_BP to demonstrate what you can do with this mod and a good DevilGame.ini:


+ Install at your own risk! This is VERY easy to do, but I cannot be held accountable if you mess up in some catastrophic fashion. If the absolute worst happens, simply uninstall and reinstall your game.

1. Navigate to DMC Devil May Cry\DevilGame\Published\Content\DLCBloodyPalace in your Steam\steamapps\common folder.
2. Rename your original copy of this file:
to something like:
3. Copy and paste the file corresponding to the difficulty setting of your choice to this folder, for example: BloodyPalace_Main.SG_BP.upk
4. Rename this file to BloodyPalace_Main.upk

5. If you wish to play with rebalanced enemy waves, repeat the above process by renaming the original copy of this file in your \DLCBloodyPalace folder:
to something like
6. Copy and paste DevilGame.SG_BP.ini to this folder, and rename it to DevilGame.ini

7. Play!

NOTE: You do NOT have to use my DevilGame.ini settings at all! You can play with the original waves if you like, or download Steve’s Gentlemen Palace and use one of his. I would love to see more people create their own versions of the Bloody Palace and upload them to DmCmods, it’s very easy to do.


1. Navigate to DMC Devil May Cry\DevilGame\Published\Content\DLCBloodyPalace in your Steam\steamapps\common folder.
2. Delete the files BloodyPalace_Main.upk, as well as DevilGame.ini if you chose to use my version of Bloody Palace.
3. Rename your .original. files back to BloodyPalace_Main.upk, and DevilGame.ini.

NOTE: I’ve included the original copies of BloodyPalace_Main.upk and DevilGame.ini should you accidentally delete your originals.

Enjoy, let me know if you have any requests for additional difficulty modes.